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 The Venné Group, provides services to:

  • help you make better and quicker career transitions

  • expand your skill sets for career enhancement

  • get your new leader or team up to speed quickly

  • support your definition of and means to achieve a
    rewarding retirement

Δ Delta is the Greek symbol that represents change but can
also be viewed as one of destiny.  With each change we make
we set upon a path that creates another destiny for us.  How
we select the path is a critical factor in determining our
professional satisfaction and personal happiness.  The Venné
Group is ready to aid you in selecting the right path for you at
key decision points.

Client comments:  

Retirement Seminar Attendee: On both a professional and personal level, i
benefited greatly from participating in your seminar.  The information shared with
us included valuable and timely considerations for transitioning into and planning
retirement.  Many thanks for sharing your insights, expertise and enthusiasm.

Senior Executive in Career Transition:  I would have never found this job if I
hadn't listened to your insight and counsel.

Leadership Skills Development Client:  Without your guidance and support I
would have never been able to make the progress I have.  You are great!

Retiree:  I had thought that retirement would be easy but it was more of a
challenge than I could imagine.  You helped me through that passage.  My family
is so grateful.
Δ The Venné Group   
Career Transition Coaching
Retirement Lifestyle Planning
Leadership Skills Development
Team Building or Group Facilitation

Do You Have a Career Plan?

Are you satisfied with your career progression?

Do you have a plan to move from a full work environment to a mix of work and
leisure activities?

Have you honed sufficient personal and business skills to continue your business

For most people the answer to all three questions is NO.

If you are one of the select few who want to take charge of your future click here to
find out more....

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